A beautiful garden is not by chance.

Landscape lighting has many functions that add to the safety, beauty and value of your home or
commercial location. Our menu of services includes innovative design and expert installation of a
wide variety of exterior lighting fixtures, including:

  • Deck, patio or garden lighting - let your guests dine al fresco tonight!

  • Floodlights - emphasize dramatic architectural elements

  • Pathway lighting - discreet ground level lighting that allows you to find your way while
    highlighting landscaping or building features

  • Recessed brick lighting - safe for high-traffic areas

  • Underwater lighting, including fiberoptics - for lighting ponds and waterfalls

  • Uplighting - to highlight trees and other landscape features

If you're interested in landscape lighting fixtures, don't hesitate to call. We'll not only assist you in
deciding what looks best - we'll take into account your safety concerns and make sure you're way
home is well lit.

Add a little light to your landscape, call Alpine Edge at 303-753-4277!
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